Digital Storytelling in Ghana

In today's media environment, organizing and building support for community projects requires a wide variety of communication skills. To support its alumni in Africa with their volunteer work, the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange & Study Program (KLYES) partnered with the Digital Canopy to provide a Digital Storytelling Workshop. Activists from 9 African countries produced films about the … Continue reading Digital Storytelling in Ghana

Digital Media Ventures: New Delhi, India

As we always say, every great venture starts with a great story... In September, the Digital Canopy Team traveled to New Delhi, India for a new kind of workshop-- a combination of digital storytelling and project planning. The participants were alumni of Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange & Study Program (KLYES) from all over Asia. We … Continue reading Digital Media Ventures: New Delhi, India

Balkans Digital Storytelling Workshop: Sarajevo

Check out the short films produced by our talented workshop participants, alumni of the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program. Crossing the Bridge: A young woman from Kosovo makes her first Serbian friend. Family is Family: Nino Lojpur, from Bosnia & Herzegovina, was preparing for his year in the US when he got a call … Continue reading Balkans Digital Storytelling Workshop: Sarajevo

Teaching the Dramatic Arc

Hello digital storytellers! You all produced some amazing media at the workshop. Now that you are experienced filmmakers, we hope that you share what you've learned with your friends and colleagues.  This time, you will be the storytelling instructors.   The first step is to teach about the importance of using  THE DRAMATIC ARC  in videos, … Continue reading Teaching the Dramatic Arc

MediaTrekkers Costa Rica: Music, Art and Youth Filmmaking in the Cloud Forest

At The Digital Canopy we want to put cloud forest conservation into the hands of the next generation. That's why we're excited to announce MediaTrekkers Costa Rica, our signature program for high school students and educators. This summer youth filmmakers will produce a music video with local Costa Rican artists and students. Through music, art, … Continue reading MediaTrekkers Costa Rica: Music, Art and Youth Filmmaking in the Cloud Forest