Not On Our Watch: Keeping Congo’s Gorillas From Extinction

Growing up in a small village in the Republic of the Congo, Mobie Prime thought of wild animals in terms of hunting-- bushmeat. But today, Prime and his team of "eco-guards” at the Lesio-Louna Natural Forest are trying to save the local gorilla population from extinction. “They're like my own kids,” he says of the … Continue reading Not On Our Watch: Keeping Congo’s Gorillas From Extinction

Planting Peace in the Congo

For the women of Kinkala in the Republic of the Congo, sustainable farming is about more than growing organic vegetables.  Still recovering from a decade of violent conflict, these women know that sustainability means physical, economic and emotional security– it means peace. Check out our short film, People's Choice Award winner in the Real Food … Continue reading Planting Peace in the Congo

Digital Storytelling in Ghana

In today's media environment, organizing and building support for community projects requires a wide variety of communication skills. To support its alumni in Africa with their volunteer work, the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange & Study Program (KLYES) partnered with the Digital Canopy to provide a Digital Storytelling Workshop. Activists from 9 African countries produced films about the … Continue reading Digital Storytelling in Ghana