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  1. Hello guys, Stuart here from the YES digital storytelling workshop. Wanted to say thanks again for all of your help and patience over that weekend, it was really great to have you guys be there and show us how to make our movies the best they could be. I was brainstorming with the other Alumni this past week at dinner, and we thought of a good way for you guys to illustrate the dramatic arc. We were thinking if you show a foreign movie clip (one where most of the students can’t understand the language) that has a climax in it, and then asked the students to tell when the climax happened. It would be a really good indicator of how you can show a climax without using language cues, and camera work and other audio mixing instead. Just an idea for the future, and wishing you guys all the best from Georgia!


    1. Stuart, this is a really great idea. I’m already thinking of movie scenes this would work with! Were you guys thinking of specific films?
      Maybe you’d like to come help us at a future workshop sometime? It was a pleasure to meet and work with you and the rest of the group!



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