• Award-winning instructors
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Decades of international experience
  • Muy simpáticos

Austin Haeberle

Austin is an award-winning digital journalist and youth media educator.

Austin is a Peabody Award-winning journalist, educator and new media producer. As a New York-based digital journalist for the United Nations, his work has appeared on PBS, the Independent Film Channel, CNN, Current TV, Link TV and broadcasters worldwide. Recent reports include Morphine: Finding A Balance, on the right to pain medication, and Italy: Breaking the Slave Trade, on efforts to address the human trafficking crisis. He founded the Listen Up! Youth Media Network, which provided support & created media projects with youth filmmakers around the world. He received a Peabody Award for “Beyond Borders: Personal Stories from a Small Planet.”  He has conducted media workshops in Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America as well as North America.


Wendy Jacques

Wendy with daughters Anna and Bella.

Wendy is a journalist and multimedia educator. In Guatemala, she cofounded Centro Ixim, providing media training for Mayan communities. With The Fund for Peace, she managed training projects in Central America, publishing Making the Most of the Media: A Guide for Human Rights Groups Worldwide. She produced Amnesty International’s “Fourth R” journal on human rights education and develops curricula for the City University of New York Research Foundation. At the United Nations, Wendy designs and facilitates multimedia trainings for visiting Mideast journalists.  She has recently facilitated digital storytelling workshops in India, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Turkey, Qatar, and Ghana.

Heidi Klein Whitus

Heidi doing what she loves best — teaching.


Heidi is a digital artist and media arts teacher at Communications Arts High School in San Antonio, TX. And when she’s not in the classroom with her students, she’s traveling the world over — Southeast Asia, Morocco, Mexico, Central America, and Europe. She teaches digital animation, video production, and web design using the latest digital solutions, and her students have won regional, state and national recognition for their video and multimedia projects. Heidi has taught filmmaking at workshops in Ghana, Qatar, Costa Rica and Bosnia.


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