The Stories That Change Us: Pre-Workshop Assignment

Everyone who completes an exchange program tells us that it changed them. They tell us that they learned new skills, new ways of looking at the world.  But as digital storytellers, we want to hear (and see) the details.  We want you to tell us a story. Assignment (Saturday, September 15) : Write one paragraph … Continue reading The Stories That Change Us: Pre-Workshop Assignment


Finding Your Story: Workshop Pre-Assignments

Please complete ONE of the following questions. *Each response should include: One written paragraph (4-6 sentences) 5 photos to help describe your example. It's fine to include a mix of old and new photos. Feel free to use your mobile phone cameras! You can also take pictures of old paper photographs. 1. What is your favorite part … Continue reading Finding Your Story: Workshop Pre-Assignments

Teaching the Dramatic Arc: Follow-Up Assignment #1

Hello digital storytellers! You all produced some amazing media at the Morocco-USA Youth Media Exchange Workshop. Now that you know the ingredients for a great story, we want you to share what you've learned with your classmates. You will be the storytelling instructors. For your first assignment we want you to teach your classmates how to … Continue reading Teaching the Dramatic Arc: Follow-Up Assignment #1

PHOTO STORIES: Follow-up Assignment #2

Greetings Digital Storytellers! It looks like you did a fantastic job of teaching about the DRAMATIC ARC!  Now, we want you to help your classmates use that information to create PHOTO STORIES. Overview Students will work in teams to create a PHOTO STORY about one of the team members. The story will be about about something … Continue reading PHOTO STORIES: Follow-up Assignment #2