On Digital Canopy media expeditions, we go where the story takes us. Learning happens in media workshops, out in the field, and in the production studio. You’ll work in small teams accompanied by knowledgeable instructors — and when needed, we’ll provide translation.

Who comes on a Digital Canopy media expedition?

  • all levels of media experience desired

The expeditions offer something for everyone.  Those with advanced skills will be challenged to learn new tools while sharing what they know.   Those with less experience, including beginners,  will learn the fundamentals of filmmaking & new media production…all while contributing to local projects.

What can you learn?  In addition to teaching about local environments, our new media expeditions provide expert training in filmmaking, photography, writing, and new media production.  Our workshops include:

  • documentary filmmaking and news reporting
  • interview & research methods
  • storytelling techniques, storyboarding & scripting
  • digital editing on platforms like Final Cut Pro & Premiere
  • videography & photography
  • digital animation, map making, & infographics
  • building audiences through Facebook & Twitter
  • developing WordPress, Tumblr or Pinterest sites
  • accessing archival footage & photo sharing with Flickr, archive.org & other sharing sites
  • copyrights and wrongs in the digital space
  • creating music beds & audio production
  • advanced YouTube training & third party add-ons

No worries, it’s not all work.  Ever sample Turkish Delights and roasted chestnuts on the streets of Istanbul?  Take a night hike to see tree sloths?  Horseback ride in the Cascade Mountains?  Work hard, play hard is our motto.

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