PHOTO STORIES: Follow-up Assignment #2

Greetings Digital Storytellers!

It looks like you did a fantastic job of teaching about the DRAMATIC ARC! 

Now, we want you to help your classmates use that information to create PHOTO STORIES.



  1. Students will work in teams to create a PHOTO STORY about one of the team members.
  2. The story will be about about something the person learned or achieved.
  3. Each story will contain 6-9 original photos. (Nothing from the Internet!)
  4. Each photo will have written captions to help tell the story.
  5. Each story will follow THE DRAMATIC ARC! (Photos should be numbered in order.)
  6. Teams will screen completed stories for the whole class and on the Collaboration Center.


*Here is an example of a PHOTO STORY from Nicaragua (click to open slideshow)

Juana’s Story: Learning Independence


Now follow the steps below to lead this activity with your class:


*Review lesson plan and PHOTO STORY example (JUANA’s STORY).

*Make copies of STORY IDEA WORKSHEET and PRODUCTION WORKSHEET for each person in the class. (Click below)

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.43.18 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.43.53 PM










Lesson Plan (2 class sessions plus homework)

I. Review (10 minutes): 

  1. Remind the class that the foundation of good storytelling is the DRAMATIC ARC. Draw the DRAMATIC ARC on the board and ask the class to help label each part.
  2. Explain the assignment to the class. Show them the example above (Juana’s Story: Learning Independence). Read the captions out loud.

 II. Activity (30-40 minutes plus homework):

  1. Divide your class into teams of 2-3 people and explain that each team will be telling a personal story about one member using photos and captions. The story should be about something that the person learned or accomplished.
  2. Hand out the Story Idea Worksheet and ask each student to complete one individually.
  3. Ask teams to discuss their story ideas within their group. Each group should choose one story to focus on.
  4. Walk around and help the students choose a story that (1) shares a specific example; (2) Has a strong dramatic arc; and (3) can be told with original photos. Make sure there is a mix of boys’ stories and girls’ stories!
  5. When each team has chosen a story, hand out the PRODUCTION WORKSHEET and ask each group to plan and divide up tasks.

III. Homework

  1. Each team should complete a photo story and post it on the Collaboration Center.
  2. Assign a due date for the completed Photo Story (1 week).
  3. Remind students to follow the tasks on the PRODUCTION WORKSHEET.

IV. Screening 

  1. Screen and discuss the completed PHOTO STORIES with the entire class.
  2. Share the PHOTO STORIES on the Collaboration Center.

Be Creative and Have Fun. We can’t wait to see your PHOTO STORIES!





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