The Stories That Change Us: Pre-Workshop Assignment

Everyone who completes an exchange program tells us that it changed them. They tell us that they learned new skills, new ways of looking at the world.  But as digital storytellers, we want to hear (and see) the details.  We want you to tell us a story.

Assignment (Due Monday June 6) :

  1. Write one paragraph (5-8 sentences) describing a specific experience from your exchange year that taught you something or changed the way you thought about the world.  How did this experience impact your life when you returned home? *Use specific details to tell your story.
  2. Post your paragraph on the 2017 YES Digital Storytelling Workshop Facebook group.
  3. Include 3-5 photos from your exchange year and/or at home that help tell your story.

*Here are a couple of examples of “change stories” from YES alumni.

*Important: these examples are in video format, but your assignment is just to post a paragraph with photos (see above) We’ll work on videos during the workshop!

  1. Growing up in Kosovo during the war with Serbia, Zana had never had a Serbian friend. But during her YES exchange year in Minnesota, she shared a host family with two Serbian students.  Zana’s friendship with one of the Serbian girls has helped her “cross a bridge” toward a more hopeful future.

2. Ljupche from Macedonia talks about how his experience volunteering with his school in the U.S. helped him feel empowered to start community service projects back in his home country.


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