Juan Mendez: Speaking Out Against Torture

Under Argentina’s military dictatorship in the 1970s, torture was widespread and many thousands were “disappeared”. A courageous young lawyer was among those who suffered – but today he’s campaigning to end torture worldwide. Watch his story in the short piece we produced for UNTV.

Multimedia Training at the United Nations

Journalists from Palestine work under extreme conditions, but they also have a unique opportunity to improve and authenticate local and international media coverage on the region, especially in the digital media landscape. Throughout our training the journalists practice a range of digital media and publish it at On the Record:Palestinian Journalists Reporting from the United Nations. In … Continue reading Multimedia Training at the United Nations

UN Media Training: 2015 Highlights

We just wrapped up our annual Training Programme for Palestinian Journalists at the United Nations. Check out these short films  produced by the talented participants. Beautiful stories of family and community-- three generations of Palestinians living in America. Check out their multimedia projects. Find out more about the United Nations Training Programme for Palestinian Journalists.

Planting Peace in the Congo

For the women of Kinkala in the Republic of the Congo, sustainable farming is about more than growing organic vegetables.  Still recovering from a decade of violent conflict, these women know that sustainability means physical, economic and emotional security– it means peace. Check out our short film, People's Choice Award winner in the Real Food … Continue reading Planting Peace in the Congo

Reporting from Robinson Carusoe Island, Chile

Robinson Crusoe Island – a place so remote that the famous novel by Daniel Defoe was inspired by its history. But the island’s modern-day role is far from fictional. Today it’s a crucial link in the planet’s security network – keeping a constant look-out for seismic events, both natural and man-made. Check out the piece … Continue reading Reporting from Robinson Carusoe Island, Chile