Digital Media Ventures: New Delhi, India

As we always say, every great venture starts with a great story... In September, the Digital Canopy Team traveled to New Delhi, India for a new kind of workshop-- a combination of digital storytelling and project planning. The participants were alumni of Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange & Study Program (KLYES) from all over Asia. We … Continue reading Digital Media Ventures: New Delhi, India

Monteverde New Media Expedition: Costa Rica

Bellbirds, butterflies and crocs, oh my!   During our six-day filmmaking workshop, our talented expedition members produced  short films to help promote community conservation efforts. Check them out! Ester Echaverria: The Butterfly Garden Noé Vargas: The Bellbird Biological Corridor Mercedes Diaz: A Cloud Forest Sketch Christian Mena: The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Victor Manuel: The … Continue reading Monteverde New Media Expedition: Costa Rica

Balkans Digital Storytelling Workshop: Sarajevo

Check out the short films produced by our talented workshop participants, alumni of the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program. Crossing the Bridge: A young woman from Kosovo makes her first Serbian friend. Family is Family: Nino Lojpur, from Bosnia & Herzegovina, was preparing for his year in the US when he got a call … Continue reading Balkans Digital Storytelling Workshop: Sarajevo

How important is expensive equipment?

    Sure, we'd all like a top-of-the-line camera, but do we really need one? At The Digital Canopy, we believe you don't need expensive equipment to tell a great story. We say that good photography is:   80% inspiration (with planning) 10% technology 10% luck Looking for the biggest bang for your buck? Check out … Continue reading How important is expensive equipment?

On the Record: Palestinian Journalists Reporting from the United Nations

This week we wrapped up our 3rd annual Multimedia Training for Palestinian Journalists at the United Nations. As always, we can't express how much we learn from these colleagues on the front lines.   Throughout our training the journalists practice a range of digital media and publish it at On the Record:Palestinian Journalists Reporting from … Continue reading On the Record: Palestinian Journalists Reporting from the United Nations

Black Gold Boom: How Oil Changed North Dakota

Note: at the Digital Canopy we're always on the hunt for examples of great digital journalism, like the Black Gold Boom. When someone says "growing up in the heartland," what comes to mind? Church picnics and county fairs? Small town life? Long empty roads dissecting farmland? Well, the times are quickly changing. N. Dakota native … Continue reading Black Gold Boom: How Oil Changed North Dakota

Not Just Another Nature Film

On a Digital Canopy Expedition to Costa Rica or the Cascade Mountains, our digital filmmaking workshops aren't about making "nature films." We look for new ways to explore human interaction with the natural environment. Without trying to sound too cliché, that's why we share examples of media that push boundaries. Pushing boundaries isn't just figurative, … Continue reading Not Just Another Nature Film

What kind of a person poaches a tiger?

You might be surprised. "Broken Tail" is a magnificent young Bengal tiger-- playful, smart, arrogant. But after 600 straight days of following him, the film crew of "Broken Tail: A Tiger's Last Journey" loses the giant cat's trail. Broken Tail has wandered out of one of India's protected national parks and into the surrounding farming … Continue reading What kind of a person poaches a tiger?