Good luck with this one…

Note:  The Digital Canopy was asked to edit a handful of video clips shot by teenagers around the world — alumni of the U.S. Department of State’s Youth Exchange and Study program, or YES. 

Who made it possible for the US Department of State to sponsor 8652 high school student exchanges to 45 countries over the past 10 years?

A) The Gates Foundation
B) a bi-partisan Congress
C) Google
D) American Airlines

The Answer:  Here’s a clue:  the program is called the Kennedy and Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES).  Senators Kennedy and Lugar were famous for getting bi-partisan legislation through Congress.  With footage shot by youth in 20 countries, the Digital Canopy edited “YES at 10,” celebrating their work and impact on 8652 lives in 45 countries and territories.

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