Heading back to Oroville!

It’s a dream come true — we’re heading back to Oroville!

Two years ago we were asked to produce a short documentary about a group of high school students from the ity-bity town of Oroville, WA, located a hundred miles from nowhere (if you don’t include the Canadian border five miles up the road). Somehow, a resourceful teacher got the students hooked into an exchange with students in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. Since Oroville is surrounded by national parks, recreational areas and monuments, the students went to the DR to study its forests. But traveling in the DR was no walk in the woods.

To our delight, we drove from Seattle to Oroville — a small town with exceptional people in the heart of some of the most precious country we’ve ever seen. But as we quickly learned, what you see can be deceptive. Environmental challenges & changes are many, and happening fast. Good people and organizations are working hard to make connections between healthy living, a healthy environment and thriving economy. With jobs scarce — is converting natural resources into cash the only way to make ends meet?

We have a lot of questions — come help us answer them and learn filmmaking along the way. Join The Oroville New Media Expedition.

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